Terms And Conditions

1. When you dock at BandBay, you accept the Terms and Conditions set out in what follows. By clicking on any Menu item, browsing, trading, chatting, asking advice, or in any other way, no matter the laws of your country, your creed or your own mind, these T’s & C’s apply. Right?

2. BandBay is a site for you to use and from which to benefit. Hopefully there will be both a whole lotta use and benefit. After all, it’s free. You can advertise, browse, read and blog as much as you like, and it’s only gonna cost your time. (Traders pay to advertise!)

3. BandBay will do its best to ensure that the information it provides on the site is up to date, accurate and substantiable, and that the services are prompt, professional, of a high standard, and worthy of your use. Of course, the Forum is a blog – and apart from the Expert’s comment and answers to questions that appear in threads, that’s not information that BandBay provides.

4. However, despite our undertaking to provide information and services of those qualities, BandBay makes no representations, or warranties, of any kind about the information or services. Consequently, when you pull in to BandBay, for whatever reason, purpose or aim, you do so on the basis that no liability of any sort can be visited upon, or is accepted by BandBay, in any manner, shape or form. You use BandBay, in its entirety and in all the information, data, services and so forth available to you on the site, at your own risk. If this is not clear to you then go back to the beginning and start reading these Terms and Conditions again. Da Capo, baby.

5. What this also means is that BandBay is in no way an agent for anyone who uses the site. You wanna buy that autographed 7-single of “Imagine”? Just because it appears on BandBay doesn’t make us involved in the deal. You contact the seller, and you deal with the seller. The price asked has got nothing to do with BandBay – we take no commission, cut, or even payment for the advertisement and we make no warranties nor give any assurances about the quality or value of what you are selling or what you are buying.  Our experts are giving an opinion, based on their own view and assessment but they make no warranties, no promises, no representations. And that includes the legal advice you might ask for.  If you have to hold someone accountable for advice that you are getting, that’s when you go and visit your lawyer or accountant, and sign contracts, pay professional fees, and so on.

6. There’s a couple of other things. We know muso’s are artists, and that constitutionally (or in any event) their freedom of expression is entrenched for all citizens of the world. Or it should be. Hey, the Blog is there for you to write what you think, as is the Reviews. But BandBay has some strict policies about how you express yourself on this site. We operate a firewall which will block foul language. So you wanna effing curse? Not here dude. You wanna slag off that other racial group in your town? Not on BandBay, no matter how music-related you make it. The short story is that BandBay exercises a strict editorial policy, and if the BandBay dedicated firewall doesn’t get you on blasphemy, racialism, foul language, hatred speech, homophobia, pornographic material, and the like, the editors will. BandBay management reserves the right to edit any material posted anywhere on the site, and will do so to eliminate breaches of these policies.

7. One last thing, another of the terms and conditions… . Copyright is a big scene in our world. Musicians are in the business of creating intellectual property, no less so than in the case of all other works eligible for copyright protection. BandBay respects intellectual property. Our founder has spent his life giving specialist advice and litigating about intellectual property. So there are rules about submitting material or just plain posting on BandBay. You accept responsibility for the material submitted and posted (whatever its nature) and you indemnify BandBay in respect of all and any claims in its regard. By the way, this doesn’t only apply to all IP issues, but to other legal issues – defamatory, slanderous, libelous and the like (if you get it past our firewall, human or automatic, LOL …)

8. Now this does not mean that we encourage you to post such material, just because you have indemnified us. On the contrary, like we have already said, this is a legit site. Rather, it is far preferable that you do not plagiarize or copy material from elsewhere – you’re creative, right? So create! If you quote, generally it is not a copyright infringement to do so, so long as you don’t rip it, so long as the quote is a quote for reference purposes and you acknowledge the source, author, publication and so forth.

9. Allied to this copyright issue is another of our Terms and Conditions. If you submit or post material – whether it is a piece of writing, or photographic matter, cinematographic, music, recordings, whatever – on the site, you accept that BandBay has a licence to reproduce and publish that material on the site. BandBay will not publish that material anywhere else without your consent. Furthermore, BandBay does not encourage or endorse unauthorised reproduction, but we know there are a lot of hellova clever brothers and sisters out there and if they download, copy, whatever, off the site BandBay has no responsibility or liability, okay? If someone takes your book out of the library and unlawfully copies it are you gonna sue the library?

10. On the same note (lol) if we receive a Take Down notice or request, and the basis is in our view justified, we will remove the material in question from the site. No questions asked, no debates.

11. If you have any questions, then go to “Contact Us” and do just that. BandBay wants you to use this site to its full potential for your benefit, so don’t be shy just because you’re not sure of something, legal or otherwise.