Owen Salmon

Owen Salmon is a specialist senior counsel (SC) in intellectual property law at the Johannesburg Bar, as a member of Maisels Group. He has undergraduate and postgradute legal degrees, as well as a Masters degree in IP, and 30 years of experience in practice. (Due to professional rules, Owen cannot accept any brief to take on work other than through a registered attorney, but will answer the questions put up on BandBay!)Owen has represented a wide range of international and local clients in several seminal cases on copyright, trade mark, and unlawful competition matters, through to the highest appellate courts. He has consulted with and advised clients and attorneys in France, Germany, United States of America, Canada, Japan, Italy, and the United Kingdom and is also an accredited and experienced Arbitrator, and a Senior Adjudicator in domain name disputes.

Owen is a passionate music-lover. He listens to a broad range of music, and is an active concert-goer. He plays clarinet, and for over a decade was lead guitarist in a band he founded in 1997, playing 60’s and 70’s (and that genre) hits for parties, events and corporate functions. The band produced and published a single and a double cd before going into retirement in 2102. Owen is now a member of Fiveplay, a group which plays light jazz and popular instrumentals for corporate functions and private parties.His favoured guitars are a cherry 1978 Fender Stratocaster (USA), a burgundy 1982 Gibson Les Paul Custom, and an Ibanez George Benson Signature GB200. As applicable he puts them through a Boss GT10 and Vox AC 30. Acoustically, Owen favours his ‘Mbira’ #1, a steel string acoustic hand-made by his brother Paul using rare Australian desert woods. Owen also plays a Seagull Artist, handmade in Canada by Godin Guitars with flame maple back and spruce top.

Owen is married to Isabeau Salmon. They have three children and live in Midrand, Gauteng. Apart from his family, and music, Owen’s other extra-mural interests are sport and creative writing. He has written several feature film scripts, and for a number of years sat on the National Council of the Writers Guild of South Africa. He is the creator of “Lawful Living”, an open source resource accessible at www.lawfulliving.co.za for easy referencing to the penal provisions of all South African statutes, which Owen has rewritten in plain language with topical and interesting introductions.

He is a past competitive cyclist, swimmer and marathon-runner. Owen also has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and played a lot of tennis, but his knees have been complaining lately so now he gyms and cycles – and plays not enough golf.

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