How To Start a Band

I know how to start a band. That’s right. And I am a big fan of a lot of big stars, and I know how they did it: Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Clegg, David Kramer, Mark Knopfler, Vince Gill, Nick Cave, John Mellencamp, Mike Rosenberg (Passenger), Midnight Oil, Van Halen, Rosanne Cash, Diana Krall, Elvis Presley, Powderfinger, and a whole lot more. (Yes, Mozart, Vivaldi, Albinoni, Beethoven and JS Bach too!)

Now, I don’t know these stars. Sure, I have read what I can about them – and even those luminaries of which I’m not such a fan (Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Sting, Anthony Kiedis, John Lennon, to name a few) but I know how they got started.  I do know the Experts on BandBay who are available to answer your questions, and them too – I know how they started.

So? You ask, what has this got to do with how you will start a band? The point is this:  they all were where you are, right now. We all start somewhere – usually small; usually with no money; usually with burning ambition and a dream; usually with friends; usually in the garage or basement; and, some of the times, with supportive parents!

So, how to start a band? What advice can I pass on if I have all this knowledge (and also my own experience in a gigging and touring band)?  Sorry to tell you, but it isn’t easy.  On the other hand, actually, it is also not difficult….

Just get off your ass, son, you’ve got some things to do!!!

Thanks to Lee Clayton for that line, by the way. From his song, “If I can Do It” on the album  “Naked Child”.  Take a listen to it.

In the links below you will find some of the basic steps to action, not necessarily in any particular order either. There you will pick up useful advice and information on how to start a band. What’s more, this applies to whether you are now still at college – or whether, long ago, you were at college and now wanna do it coz you didn’t do it then!

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