Assignment of copyright

Okay, a copyright assignment is not the same ‘assignment’ that you get to do as a student – you know, all those dreaded MBA assignments… What we are talking about here is where copyright ownership – in other words, the rights to the song – is transferred from one to another.

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Composer Rights

When we talk about ‘composer rights’ it is just another way of referring to the legal rights of a songwriter.

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Original Compositions

An original composition will have copyright, it is that simple. Of course, it is perhaps not so simple because the litmus test is: when is it an “original” composition? Read More »

Owning Copyright

There is little more important to creative people than the right to control what happens to the fruits of their labour. Read More »

What are the “Copyrights”?

In “What is a Right?” we had a brief look at the nature of this legal creature called a “right”.
Now when it comes to copyright, it is not difficult to think of the various ways in which, and where, your musical work can be used, or exploited.

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What is a “Right”?

We promise, this is not a lecture about the things they teach in law school and which no-one really understands until hours of sweating it out in the library have passed…. Nope, we’re going to keep this simple – k.i.s.s. in other words.

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