Band Tips for Beginners #1

Here is part 1 of our band tips for beginners: The band that has not made a mistake has never played.

This is one of the most important tips ever given to any band member. It was a throw-away comment by one of the older guys in my band, when an argument was about to burst after one of our early gigs. But it is a comment loaded with wisdom.

This tip is so important I am going to repeat it: the band that has not made a mistake has never played.

Burn this in your collective memory. It’s fundamental to the relationship issues that will permeate the life of your band.

But it does not mean that mistakes should be acceptable, or that mediocrity is the barometer!  It just means that you, with your burning passion and single-minded ambition, don’t forget that you and your band members are human…

If you want an authoritative check on this, go Google. I personally witnessed a number of mistakes from the band at Bruce Springsteen’s 2014 concert at FNB Stadium, Johannesburg. But that did not stop The Boss from giving the best concert ever.  We want to watch and listen to humans like us playing music, not robots.

There is another side to this coin. If your bandmate makes a mistake, don’t moan and blast him – remember, you will also make mistakes. If, however, the same dude always makes mistakes, it might not be mistakes, but a problem of an entirely different sort – maybe he is not practising enough.

There is another another side to this coin.  It’s about recovery, and we deal with it in Tip No. 6.

Lastly, don’t give up! Not when you are on your way to becoming the band that never makes a mistake….

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