Band Tips For Beginners

The Introduction

If you want to know how to start up,  the Band Tips for Beginners on these pages are fairly vital. Apart from anything else, the organized whole is more than the sum of its parts. Put another way: group-think is much more important than the ego-tripping of each musician!!

This section is not aimed at addressing the FAQ’s like: ‘can I benefit from home-school music lessons’? Or, ‘should I consider online drum lessons?’ Another one is: ‘is it worthwhile to try and teach yourself guitar, or is it better to get a guitar lessons DVD?’ These questions, folks, are best answered according to your own personal circumstances. But you can always ask the Panel of Experts.

No, what I am going to deal with here is ‘Advice For Band 101’. In other words, the things that can have a big (and exaggerated) effect on the group dynamic, but are really little things once understood. And it doesn’t matter whether you are a synthpop band, or on your way to becoming the funkiest of jazz bands. Finally, these band tips for beginners also include a guideline or two…

Please remember, I have not listed these Tips in any order of priority. They’re all of equal importance and application – depending on where you are with your band, at whatever point in time.

Last, but not least. As I pointed out in “About BandBay” the Experts on BandBay’s Panel of Experts have not contributed to this section. There may well be variations on the themes of what is discussed in the notes which follow, and there are likely to be many more tips for beginners that should be added to this list. You are welcome to blog any ideas in the Forum. If you do, we may well add your suggestions to the Notes  – after all, BandBay is the site for musicians for the good of musicians. It is not about my version of the world as I think it should be!