Band Tips for Beginners #2

Go for groove.

Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA is probably the finest music performer college in the Western world.There, of the many things they teach about performance, one which features high on the list of priorities for the performer is: GROOVE.

That’s it – groove. You can be the hottest bass-player this side of Kinga Glyk, you might be able to shred the fret-board at blistering pace, or whatever. But if you don’t have “groove”, it doesn’t matter. And if you don’t have groove, your band won’t have groove.

This comes partly from experience and dedication. But – at an early stage, it is also about an attitude that you inject, breathe, and show even before you hit that first note.

If you’re gonna just cruise through each song – you know, like:

“okay this one has six chord changes in each verse and there are three verses and then a chorus with four chord changes then there is a solo and then we modulate up a tone and then there is another verse and then the outro. Phew! We got to the end of that one, okay what’s next?”

I mean, what’s the point?

Music is an emotional thing. So don’t make the notes with your fingers – make them with your heart. You’ll discover groove. You’ll discover how significant it is. You’ll love it, that I promise.  Get the Groove going.