Ask the experts

This is a snapshot of the Experts Panel on BandBay, with an invitation for you to go to their pages and put your queries. Your question, and their answer, will appear in Talk Studio, and lead a thread for open discussion.

Please bear the following in mind about your BandBay Experts.  First, you will see that quite a few of them have grey hair – and some, even very little of that. Take this a sign that you are at exactly the right place to get advice!

The Experts have been hand-picked because they are experts in their field, to give you advice. But they only become experts after many miles in the saddle – ten thousand hours, as the saying goes.  Would you rather have open heart surgery from the doctor who qualified yesterday, or the surgeon who has already done a thousand operations – it’s a no-brainer, right?  The BandBay Experts have played ten thousand gigs; taught ten thousand students; fixed ten thousand guitars; recorded ten thousand CD’s – and so on.

Next, do not get spooked by the fact that the Experts have jazz and classical training as well. That means they understand music things. They know their instruments, the theory, the rudiments, the skills, techniques – and they have the answers. Besides, many of the biggest rock stars around at one time studied the classics. (If you don’t believe this, go Google.) In fact, many of the greatest bass players, for example, studied the music of J.S. Bach, in order to learn essential elements such as counter-point, and harmony.

One last thing – virtually every single member of the BandBay panel of Experts is also a highly respected educator. That means he or she teaches the things you want to know. They teach them to musicians less skilled and experienced than yourself; and also those more skilled and experienced than yourself. You are in good hands to get the right advice.

So ask what you need to know. They are here for you. And – it’s free!