About BandBay

BandBay is a site for musicians.

Spend some time to familiarize yourself with what’s on offer, and you will discover quite a lot.

Whether you are one, or you wanna be, a jazz pianist, songwriter, lead guitarist, drummer or saxophonist, or whatever.  Or whether you wanna record your own demo’s, or do a recording deal, or you are putting together a band, or a school choir. Or whether you are selling or buying instruments and equipment; or you are looking for a bass guitar teacher, sound engineer, lawyer, or whatever.  If it will be useful to you as a musician, in your pursuit of excellence, or just fun – there is loads to discover on BandBay.

There are several different sections. First, at the “How To” resources  there’s a library of information about things to help you – mostly as an amateur or semi-pro musician, and maybe even seasoned professionals.  Ranging from how to start-up a school band to legal stuff like acquiring copyright and recording contracts; or marketing a demo; how to negotiate; how to…. well, just check it out!

Just a note for you to bear in mind about the Notes and Tips in the “How To” section.  The Experts on BandBay’s “Panel of Experts” have not contributed to the “How To” section. (As a copyright law specialist, I have.) There may well be variations on the themes of what is discussed in the “How To”notes, and you are welcome to blog any ideas in the Forum. If you do, we may well add your suggestions to the Notes  – after all, BandBay is the site for musicians for the good of musicians. It is not about my version of the world as I think it should be!

Then, at “You Want” you will likely find the suppliers and vendors you are looking for. A band for your wedding? Or a studio for your demo that’s gonna launch your career into the stars? A drummer for your band? Maybe a bagpiper for your uncle’s wake? A mastering engineer for your home recorded album? If they matter, chances are you’ll be able to find them at BandBay. You can also load your details, demo’s and videos as a supplier – sax teacher; session muso; entertainment lawyer; jingles composer; mastering engineer, and watch the calls come in.

At the “Marketplace” there are things to buy – tickets, vinyl, instruments, equipment, memorabilia, etc. Of course, you know what that means?  BandBay is the place for YOU to sell,  as well as buy.

Perhaps you have questions – about a blues scale, home-studio design, fx pedals, jazz modes, choir, music theory, rock drumming, song publishing, copyright, needle-time royalties, or even that difficult harmony assignment?  BandBay has a panel of industry-accredited experts to answer your questions. Go to “Ask The Experts” – they will respond, generally, within a short space of time. Just remember they are all busy working professionals, so be a little patient!

Lastly, “Talk Studio”   is your blog. You’d like to crit the concert last night – or the latest CD from your favourite artist? Go to “Talk Studio”. You can blog away – yes, let it all out, chat, gripe, bouquet, love, adore…

Okay, by now you’ve got the picture. But here’s the thing. BandBay is a legit site. Somewhere behind the stage curtain here, making sure you get the best site for all your needs, there is an IP lawyer (and musician), and professional musicians. We don’t mess around with this site, and so nor can you. There are rules about docking at BandBay – and these rules will be strictly applied, doesn’t matter who you are. Check out the Conditions of Use, and then – take it From The Top!