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‘Da Capo’ means from the top in musical terms. Go to the beginning. And that is where you now are, the homepage for BandBay. The start of a journey that should be of great assistance to you in pursuing anything from your dreams of being a rock star, or the ultimate guitar hero,
to a simple query about music copyright issues.

We’re not joking? Imagine a question that is band-related, and we think you will find an answer here at BandBay. Do you want to know how to start a band? How to find band members? How to get gigs? Have you found enough gigs? Are you getting stuck with the Aeolian mode?  Have you forgotten how to work that para-diddle exercise?  Do you want trumpet lessons or online guitar lessons? Do need a road crew? Are you selling your musical instruments? Are you looking for new gear? Do you know music copyright laws? What is copyright free music? Do you want to know how to copyright music? What about your rights as a composer, and a synchronization licence? Do you know how to publish your songs? What can you expect of needletime rights?

Or maybe….

You wanna sell that autographed t-shirt? Or buy tickets for the next concert? Or are you about to start a school choir?

Here, you can learn how to do all of that – and more!

BandBay is operated by musicians with a wide network of interests and influences.  We are: IP lawyers, publishers, concert performers, teachers, choir-leaders, songwriters, band-members, etc.

And we recognize the following about musicians:

  •  we all have questions
  • we all buy and sell musical instruments
  • we all want tickets for that sold-out show
  • we all network with other musicians
  • we all have views on the latest release
  • we all know that we don’t know it all
  • we all shoot the breeze
  • and the rest…

BandBay is devoted to the needs and interests of musicians. Here, you will find the answers to most of your queries. Here, you can source advice and information from industry experts – for free! Here, buying and selling all music-related stuff is a cinch. Here, there is a gig-finder…. wait, hang on…

Here, the gigs will find you !

Read the “Terms & Conditions” and then – PLUG IN!!